Weight Loss Tips

Did you know the second biggest diet decision day (besides after new years) is the day after the super bowl? Who would have guessed. I learned this while listening to Hannity while driving back to Wyoming from Utah. I did not eat well this last week. I spent all of January eating well and then my whole family got sick. When I’m sick all I want is a Dr. Pepper. Well that DP leads to a donut, and then some candy, and well you get the rest.
The only time I’ve needed to diet to lose weight has been after I have had a baby. Other than that I’ve had awesome success maintaining my weight through exercise. So here are five of my favorite tips on losing weight.


1. Don’t drink your calories. Most drinks have very little nutritional calories in them. Juice, in my opinion is the absolute worst thing to drink if you’re trying to lose weight. You are better off to eat the actual piece of fruit, way more nutrients and fiber.
You do not need Power-aid or any type of sports drink after you workout. Plain old water is just fine! Water will re-hydrate and guess what its calorie-free:) Oh and you don’t need chocolate milk either;)

2. Diet to lose, exercise to maintain. I can’t take credit for this saying this is from my hubby. But it’s still one of my favorite sayings. exercise is great and works well with diet to lose weight. However if you think you are going to go to the gym workout for 30 minutes without changing your diet, you aren’t going to get Biggest Loser results. It is harder and takes more time to burn calories working out, than it does to just not put the food in your mouth in the first place. I’m not talking about starving yourself, but rather eating only good foods and cutting back a few hundred calories a day.  It’s pretty simple fewer calories than what your body needs daily=weight loss. Watching what you eat is the first thing you have to do to lose weight.

3. Move. I worked for a weight-loss supplement company for a few years and they very first thing I learned is that a diet pill wasn’t going to make you lose weight. Sure they give you energy and help suppress your appetite, but if you take the pill and sit on your butt all day and watch Oprah you aren’t going to lose very much weight. Like I said in #2 exercise is a great addition to diet while trying to lose weight.

Exercise doesn’t mean running 10 miles a day on the treadmill. That would get really boring and old to most people. Instead switch it up with Zumba, Kickboxing, swimming, etc. Also burning calories doesn’t have to be in the gym. Try to get more walking in by parking your car further away from the entrance at work or when you go to the store.  Clean your car or do more yard work. Take your kids to do something fun like ice skating or rollerblading. Basically get off your butt and do something.
4. Weigh in. I know a lot of people are anti-scale. I can totally respect that. However for me Weighing in at least weekly, keeps me accountable and motivates me to keep going. It’s easy to go backwards and gain a few pounds and not even realize it.
 5. Don’t buy it. Don’t put it in your cart, and don’t waste your money on it. You know what I’m talking about–junk food.  On the biggest loser they gave the greatest tip in regards to this. Stick to the outside of the store. This is where your fresh non-processed stuff is going to be. Fill your carts with fruits and veggies, lean meats, etc. Not all of the stuff in the middle is bad, but most of it crap. Also if you are going to have a cheat day, only buy a few things for that day so junk food isn’t left around your house the rest of the week to tempt you!

I know there are a lot more tips out there but these are the few that I stick to and they have worked well  for me!

Tell me your favorite weight loss tip? Or if you don’t need to lose weight, what is your favorite tip for eating healthy?

Fave move Friday…Toe Tap Speed Ladder

I love my speed Ladder, we use it probably every week. It has gotten its use for $20. They are often used for sports, such as basketball, football, and soccer, but I noticed Shaun T using a shorter one in his workout series Asylum. Here is one of my favorite moves that I’m not able to do right now, so here is my super flexible friend Cammy demonstrating for me:

Toe Tap Speed Ladder:

I will be able to do this again! But you this can easily be modified by not tapping your foot in the square, but reach as far as you can. This is a full body workout move, great for abs and butt!

Anyone love the speed ladder as much as I do?

Break up the treadmill

I’ve been dealing with two little sick girls:(


So here is a quick post. As much as I love the treadmill it can get boring so I like to break it up:

treadmill ADD

I like to run at least 5 miles if I’m getting on the treadmill. 500(roughly) calories seems like a good burn! The quarter-mile sprint helps to speed the running part up, and getting some quick weights in helps to keep my workout under an hour.

I hope everyone is staying healthy!!