Fave move Friday…Toe Tap Speed Ladder

I love my speed Ladder, we use it probably every week. It has gotten its use for $20. They are often used for sports, such as basketball, football, and soccer, but I noticed Shaun T using a shorter one in his workout series Asylum. Here is one of my favorite moves that I’m not able to do right now, so here is my super flexible friend Cammy demonstrating for me:

Toe Tap Speed Ladder:

I will be able to do this again! But you this can easily be modified by not tapping your foot in the square, but reach as far as you can. This is a full body workout move, great for abs and butt!

Anyone love the speed ladder as much as I do?

Break up the treadmill

I’ve been dealing with two little sick girls:(


So here is a quick post. As much as I love the treadmill it can get boring so I like to break it up:

treadmill ADD

I like to run at least 5 miles if I’m getting on the treadmill. 500(roughly) calories seems like a good burn! The quarter-mile sprint helps to speed the running part up, and getting some quick weights in helps to keep my workout under an hour.

I hope everyone is staying healthy!!

26 weeks, and a discount code

I think I’ve mentioned before me goal for running during this pregnancy is to make it to 30 weeks. I’m less than 4 weeks out from that goal. I’m going to try not to do a week by week break down on the pregnancy because it seems to make it last forever….
But this is my last week in the 2nd trimester. I can already feel my nose growing and my feet starting to swell. The last three months of pregnancy are not pretty for me.
No matter what I eat or try to watch my weight I will still gain at least 30lbs. (I gained 50 with the twins). Genetics I guess.
I still managed to get 7 miles in today, and my run went a lot better than last weeks. My first couple miles were still 10 minute miles, but the last few were around 9 minutes miles. Here’s a couple of pics:

My feet are disappearing, ahh!:


All the good sales are killing me right now! Target has 40% off their workout clothes tomorrow. Use code GETFIT at checkout.  I may get some bigger tanks to cover my growing belly:)

What’s your favorite brand of workout clothes?