Fave move Friday and balance


Back raises:

What it works: Back, Core (And with the ball and my feet against the wall I feel this in my glutes as well)



Stability Ball push-up:

What it works: Core, Arms

If you haven’t guess it already, I love my stability ball and use it all the time! The stability ball is great for working on your balance. Balance is an important part of exercise that can be helpful in any sport when it comes to improvement and injury prevention.  I found two articles here and here if you want to do some more reading up on it.

Here are some great options for working on balance:

Stability ball:


Balancing boards:

I watched our local college basketball team use this Reebok stability board while training at the gym. It seems like a much more affordable option to the Bosu although not as big. I’ve had my eye on a Bosu, but they are spendy, so I will keep using the ones at the gym for now.

Any one else have a favorite balancing move that they love?