20 Weeks and a new circuit workout

Technically I’m almost 22 weeks now but here is my 20 week belly:


I’m so excited to be over half way through with this pregnancy, I don’t have really difficult pregnancies I just hate being pregnant. I’m a big whiner I know!;) I cannot run as hard or fast as I like but I’m grateful to still be running, and I feel the longer I run the easier the comeback will be after.

I have to modify a lot of workout moves, but I’m just happy to still be moving. Here is what we did today:

8 minute warm up jog

Pyramid sprints to 8

Speed ladder Drills

Partner Plank jumps

and lastly a 20 minute circuit with these moves:

Squat to overhead press

Heisman over cones

Push ups

Hammer curls

Jumping lunge through Speed ladder

Reverse lunge with weights

Wall sit

Heal Tap

Plank tap on step

Do each station for 1 minute before moving on to the next move. Repeat one more time. (We only took about a 5 to 10 second break between each move.)


Here is a fun look back at my growing twin belly. I can’t tell much of a difference when comparing this belly to my twin belly at 20 weeks.

Belly Progression


Breaks over

Well that was a long break from blogging! I wish I was better at blogging and time management for that matter, but life has just been too crazy. We found out we are expecting a baby in April, and it’s a….


I’m so glad she is healthy and doing well, but we were really hoping for a boy, since this is our last child we will be having. I know that might sound a little selfish to some, but I guess I always pictured having two of each, oh well. We did not get pregnant just to have a boy, we have always wanted a big family and she is wanted.

I want to talk more about the pregnancy in a later post but for now onto the workouts,

I have still been running and I’m almost 20 weeks, wahoo! This is longest I have run during a pregnancy and I couldn’t be more excited. I have had a lot more ligament pain which has caused me to slow down, but I’m determined to run as far into the pregnancy as possible.  My average pace is around 8:30, and slowing every week:( But that is ok. I took almost a full year off because of the twins and came back to set two personal records. I’m convinced pregnancy is a great break for my body:)

Monday’s run was hard, must have been all the turkey and pie;) 5 miles on my treadmill:


Tuesday we did bootcamp and I love stealing other people ideas:



This was a good workout. My hips were feeling it though, I have to modify quite a bit. We added pyramid sprints to 7 to the beginning and did 30 second sprints in between each set. I was sweating a lot.

It’s amazing how those moves from elementary school can kill your adult body, and make you feel so old!