Fave move Friday…Toe Tap Speed Ladder

I love my speed Ladder, we use it probably every week. It has gotten its use for $20. They are often used for sports, such as basketball, football, and soccer, but I noticed Shaun T using a shorter one in his workout series Asylum. Here is one of my favorite moves that I’m not able to do right now, so here is my super flexible friend Cammy demonstrating for me:

Toe Tap Speed Ladder:

I will be able to do this again! But you this can easily be modified by not tapping your foot in the square, but reach as far as you can. This is a full body workout move, great for abs and butt!

Anyone love the speed ladder as much as I do?

Wednesday Run and No shug..

I decided to try treadmill sprints again and it was way harder than the first time I tried, here is the breakdown:

1st mile 9:30 slow…
.5 @ 9.0
.5 @ 7.0
Repeat 4 more times
Last mile was @ 8.5 (would have liked to cooled down but had to run and get my daughter from preschool and wanted to get one more mile in)
For a total of 7 miles.


For some reason it took me 3 sets of sprints to get my legs warmed up. I really enjoy doing sprints because it takes my mind of every mile and the workout goes much quicker.

Now onto no shugย (sugar). I love sugar, I mean really love sugar. I have the biggest sweet tooth, and the cavities to prove it lol. But I’m almost 30, eeek, and I know I’m not going to be able to run maintain body weight. I wish I had the discipline to only have dessert once a week, but for some reason it’s all or nothing with me.

I was able to cut out sugar while training for a half last year and I cannot believe the difference it made. I felt amazing, and I could tell a big difference in my body and how toned it was becoming. So I want to try it again and see how long I can last. My main motivation is to lose the last few pounds I’ve been holding onto, and here is my reward if I can do it for at least 30 days: