Friday and Saturday’s workout

I knew I wanted to run outside on Saturday a “longer distance” so I didn’t run much on Friday. If you feel as though you are getting bored at the gym, this is a great workout for you:

15 minutes-ellipitcal

15 minutes-treadmill

10 minutes-jacobs ladder

10 minutes-row machine

5 minutes-stairs

total 55 minutes/total calories for me was about 700.

I guess you could call this an ADD workout! But constantly changing it up helps me to not get bored with just doing the same old thing.

On a sad note I found out last week that McDonald’s Chocolate Shake has 700 calories. That is one of the few things I like from McDonald’s. Just one of those was my whole workout! I definitely won’t be getting one of those for a while.

Saturday I woke up still sore, but ready to run more than 3 miles! Tonya and I decided to do the virtual run for Sherry:

I wanted to run 10 miles but it was freezing cold and windy, and so we ended up running 9. These treadmill legs were not used to the hard road and extra resistance from the wind, but it was awesome to run and talk with Tonya again. It makes miles go by much quicker when you have someone to talk to:) We finished in about 1:15 which is about a 8.22 mile. Not nearly as fast as the treadmill, but not bad considering the obstacles outside!

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Tuesday Workout

Today’s workout breakdown:

6-8 minute warm up jog

Sweet Sixteen

Circuit training:

1st set:

Tap Dance or ski jumps 1-minute

Box Blasts  1-minute

Up-down Plank 1-minute

Turkish Get-Ups

no breaks in between sets

2nd Set:

3 quick squats on step followed by jumping jack 1-minute

Walking push up 1-minute

Box Blasts- other leg 1-minute

Turkish Get Ups- 1-minute

Pyramid Sprints to 5.

Speed Ladder 4 minutes

Circuit Course:

We done the first part of this before, I just added to end. When you get to the baseline, I had 2 steps set up on the opposite side. Tap dance forward across both steps, and then legs straddled around the step jump backwards and repeat tap dance. sprint to the starting line and repeat. We did this 6 times.

We finished with 8 minutes of cardio step and 8 minute abs.

These are my favorite oblique moves with a stability ball.

I’ve looked up on several websites how many calories bootcamp/circuit training excercises will burn and depending on the intensity it’s between 500 to 600. Not bad!




Saturday’s Run and Rewards

I always like to do a long, hard workout on Saturday. It’s a habit that I’ve had for a long time. (Maybe because I know I’m going to be lying around and being lazy on Sunday:)) However, my foot has been bugging me so I decided to take it slow on the treadmill. I started off really slow but my foot felt fine so I ended up running 8 miles in a little over an hour. I’m probably going to run a lot fewer miles and take it easy so this foot thing doesn’t turn into something bigger. I finished with some pull ups, triceps dips and abs.

Later that day I went on a mommy daughter date with our daughter to spend some one-on-one time with her. We got our nails painted and some ice cream. It got me thinking about rewards. I, along with so many others, often have the mindset that because I burnt so many calories I now get to splurge and eat whatever I want. It is a habit that I am trying to break. Growing up I had great metabolism, and still do however it is not the same as when I was 16. I’m not able to eat anything and everything I want. Instead, I have to use moderation and workout to maintain my weight. Sigh, getting older sucks!

So here are some of my favorite non-treat rewards:
New Clothes-I might also add that I pair of jeans in the size you want to be is great motivation towards weight loss goals.
New Shoes
New songs from itunes for your workout playlists
Movie tickets
Money Jar-Save up a little bit at a time for something bigger when you have reached your long-term goals.
Hair cut

I’m sure the list could go on and on. In addition to changing my own habits I am trying to instil good habits in my children. By not rewarding them treats regularly. I found myself with my first child bribing him to eat his food with a cookie. Now I try to make treats an occasional thing and not a daily extra meal after dinner. Here are some pictures from our date on Saturday:)
hotpink silly mommydaughter girlygirl