20 Weeks and a new circuit workout

Technically I’m almost 22 weeks now but here is my 20 week belly:


I’m so excited to be over half way through with this pregnancy, I don’t have really difficult pregnancies I just hate being pregnant. I’m a big whiner I know!;) I cannot run as hard or fast as I like but I’m grateful to still be running, and I feel the longer I run the easier the comeback will be after.

I have to modify a lot of workout moves, but I’m just happy to still be moving. Here is what we did today:

8 minute warm up jog

Pyramid sprints to 8

Speed ladder Drills

Partner Plank jumps

and lastly a 20 minute circuit with these moves:

Squat to overhead press

Heisman over cones

Push ups

Hammer curls

Jumping lunge through Speed ladder

Reverse lunge with weights

Wall sit

Heal Tap

Plank tap on step

Do each station for 1 minute before moving on to the next move. Repeat one more time. (We only took about a 5 to 10 second break between each move.)


Here is a fun look back at my growing twin belly. I can’t tell much of a difference when comparing this belly to my twin belly at 20 weeks.

Belly Progression


More fave gear and I’m back!

I’m back from my blogging hiatus, (more on that in a couple of weeks). When I don’t workout I really don’t feel like blogging. Anywhooo, we have been back at the track the last couple of weeks trying to soak up every second of nice weather left. Here is how our workout went down today:

(1 mile warm up and stretch)

Take no breaks!:


Awesome quick workout


Here is some more of my fave gear:

Nike Tank and Shorts.
This tank would almost be my favorite, but the color has faded quite a bit, so it’s number 2. The shorts are my favorite, however the only flaw is the pockets. The pockets are worthless. When I stick my phone in the pocket, it falls down past the bottom of my shorts. So I really don’t carry much around in those things! But I usually don’t stick stuff in my pockets any way for fear that it will fly out while running. Instead I carry around this thing. Full review on that later!

Tell me what your favorite workout gear item is!?

Back to the Track and Back to School…

I sent two of my kiddos off to school on Wednesday! Yay! If only I were sending the twins instead of my older, which aren’t as difficult;) Oh well I will have one with the little ones at home. Our group hit up the track again on Thursday, and taking a few weeks off of sprints and bleachers has kicked my butt. I love finding good workouts on pinterest to try out, so we did this one:

It was really good, and I was definitely sweating by the end. A full lap around the track is pretty difficult. So here is how I try to do it.

First 100m is the slowest, I would say 60% comfort zone. Second 100m at 70%, third at 80%, and the last 100m go all out at 90% to 100%. My first full lap I went out too fast and was dying by the end. It didn’t help that it was 80 degrees outside.

After we finished up the workout we hit the bleachers to run partner sets, I will post a workout later. There is nothing better than running bleachers for a booty workout! my legs and butt are so sore today! Add in some good conversation with awesome ladies and it makes a great day:)
Here are some pics of the kids on their first day, I know I’m pretty bias but I think my kids are pretty cute!