12 miler and bootcamp

I’m going a little out-of-order, but last Saturday we ran a 12 miler. This is the most I have run in quite a while. I didn’t run at all last week, so I was ready to go, and I think I took it a little too fast because I was so sore the next day! This is my fastest 12 miler to date, and almost exactly my half marathon pr pace. Hopefully that is a good thing. Tomorrow I’m running a 16 miler starting at 5 in the morning, yuck.


My get up, ignore my un-made bed. I needed a nap after this run!

I owe Mizuno’s a big apology, their shoes are awesome and the firmness of their shoe is really helping my foot problem. Plus they are super cute:


Today was boot camp again and I took it easy on the legs and focused more on the arms.

We started with a slow jog for 5 minutes, and then did a sweet sixteen. Next we did pyramid sprints to 6.

Here is the arm workout:

Arms Bootcamp

Dirty 30!


I’m 30 years old today, and I’m not completely sure how I feel about that. I guess what I mean by that is that my life reflects that of a thirty something year old, but I don’t feel thirty yet. I guess that is a good thing. As my husband was putting the 3 and the 0 on my cake it just felt surreal. I can remember thinking as a teenager how old 30 was and now I’m here…big sigh.

My day was perfect I have awesome friends and family who make me feel so loved.  A couple of weeks ago my husband so graciously agreed to look after are 4 children so I could have a quick overnight trip with my girlfriends. We stayed up late talking and spent all of Saturday shopping. The perfect B-day present if you ask me! On my actual birthday my husband sent me flowers and picked up dinner so I didn’t have to cook. We finished the night off by watching Impractical Jokers:


If you haven’t seen this show you are missing out, because it is hilarious!

In honor of my birthday I made up this workout, and called it the Dirty 30. Dirty because at the end of it I wasn’t looking to hot, lol. It went like this:

Circuit 1:
Ab Hold
Tap dance on step
Reverse lunge
Speed Ladder jumping lunges
Figure 8
Mountain climbers
Do each Circuit for 1 minute and repeat one more time through.

Circuit 2:
Knee Plank
Knee Strike on step alternating legs
Ball Pass
Walking Plank through speed ladder
Wall Sit
Abs ball throw– (Throw to partner who is doing the wall sit)
Do each Circuit for 1 minute and repeat one more time through.

Circuit 3:
Tricep dips on chair
Heisman on Step moving forward and back
Tricep to ab crunch on stability ball
Speed Ladder with burpees
Plank Row
Weighted oblique Twists
Do one time through.

Bootcamp Thursday

Sprints sweet 16 and pyramid sprints to 7. Then on to bootcamp training:

Speed ladder 2 minutes.

We used half of the basketball court for this one. Starting at the corner of the baseline alternating squats with a shoulder press. When you hit half court turn and lunge with a bicep curl. On the next turn I had the speed ladder set up and ran straight through (still holding on to weights). On the final turn, we ran backwards with arms straight above head holding weights. Repeat 2 more times.

Speed ladder 2 minutes.

Using half the court again and start in the corner but go the opposite direction. Reverse lunge holding weights, and then turn run through speed ladder. Next with weights on shoulders slide to the sideline. Lastly run backwards arms above head holding weights. Repeat 3 more times switching sides on slides each time.

Next was a series of 5 circuits, 1 minute each:

Step hop over

ballet twist

medicine ball catch

Side lunges on step. 4 high, 4 low.

medicine ball twist

Repeat one time through

Second series:

Heel tap on step

Un-even push up roll ball to other side in between sets

Side crunch on step-add a weight to hands and use a step for advanced.

Medicine ball toe tap

Plank with arm and leg raise

Repeat one time through

We ended with some abs:)