give me pain…

Love love love the song “The Fighter” by Gym Class Heroes. It is the best running song. It has gotten me through some tough spots in my runs lately. I have 2 weeks left until the marathon and I’m going to need all the pumping up I can get! Here is the video:

I love the part give me scars, give me pain…no scars yet from running but definitely pain!!! I get a lot of weird looks when I tell people I’m running a marathon.  I can read that look pretty well now, and I’m pretty sure they are saying why would you want to put yourself through that kind of torture?! I really don’t have a desire to be a marathon runner. I love the half marathon race distance! I just feel like the marathon distance training is so hard on my body. I completed my first marathon just to say I did one, and now I’m running my second because I was not happy with how I performed on my first:)

Right after I finished the marathon I said out loud that I was never doing that again! HA! I was pretty confident I would run the marathon in under 4 hours, and I was close to that, but I walked a lot of the last 6 miles because my legs cramped up. I was to the 20 mile mark at 2:55. It took me 1:16 to finish the last 6.2. That pace was slower than my training runs. It was just not my day to run, but I could not leave it like that. If you are a basketball ball player you have probably heard the phrase, “never leave the court on a missed shot”.  Well I couldn’t walk away from that race and leave it like that. I have to finish one STRONG, (stupid pride). So I’m running one in two weeks.

Here are some pics from my first marathon:

527230_4198350569776_1250030555_n[1] marathon

Last long run!!!


I had 12 on the schedule for my long run last week, but we only ended up doing 11 because we had to get back to the kiddos. I’m ok with it though, because it was a great run.  I don’t know why but when I taper I always get nervous about the race. I have thoughts such as, did I do enough training…how am I going to run 26.2 miles when 11 just felt pretty hard, etc. etc. etc. I’m sure I am not the only one that has these thoughts,  I just hope I feel great on race day.
(8 min. mile average)

I’m actually getting excited about not having to worry about how many miles I need to hit each week. Just being able to run however far I want is going to feel great. I really want to focus on getting more toned this summer, (me and everyone else right;) So I’m ready to put some more thought into weights and resistance training. oh ya, and maybe diet, haha.

On a side note, I don’t really workout much more at home but I read about Gymbox the other day and thought it was interesting. It is kinda of like Netflix only instead of movies it’s workout videos and all different types. There is a giveaway for a 6 month subscription here. I get a lot of ideas from videos and the internet so I’m always looking for great ideas, and since we live in such a rural area, where not a lot of classes are offered, this would be an awesome substitute!

I love summer! I know a lot of moms that hate having their kids home, but I love the extra help. My older two are a big help with the twins, and plus I can put them to work!! I have everyone fooled thinking that I love kids but really I’m just training them to be my slaves, insert evil laugh. I’m just kidding I love my kids, but they will be hard workers! This little girl is my worst kids, she has some A-t-t-i-t-u-d-e! And I think it is all in her hair, lol:


I already have her Halloween costume planned out–Medusa:)

A day at the track


No make up…I always look so tired.


Bree showing the tires who’s boss;)


The middle schoolers had an obstacle course set up for PE. I couldn’t wait for them to leave so I could go “play” in it. haha
I love working out outside!!! Don’t get me wrong I love basketball sprints but there is something about the sunshine that just makes me happy:) Yesterday’s workout went like this:

1.25 mile warmup

1.25 sprint/jog (sprint the straightaways(100M), jog the curves(100M))

.25 partner plank jumps 100M/Jog the curves

Partner bleachers One person goes up the stairs, other partner alternates between Ab hold and mountain climbers. Repeat 2 more times through.

Full Bleachers:

1 set of stairs-single steps, run across the top and come down the next set of stairs, run across the bottom and run up 2 steps to top, run across the steps to run down steps to bottom. Last set of stairs, jump over one step to top and run down t bottom.

In between full bleachers we did partner wall sit and plank taps. So one person will wall sit and the other holds a plank and taps partners knees. Switch and then repeated from full bleachers.

When the middle schoolers left their obstacle course we ran over to use the tires and let the kids play:) We did the following circuits for 1 minute each:

High knees through tires

Bicycle Abs

Reverse plank with leg lift

High knees through tires

Plank shoulder tap

Leg in and out Abs

Whew! No wonder I was sore for my 11 mile run today;)