About Tiffany

Hello! My name is Tiffany, and I would describe myself as a workout junkie! That is mainly what this blog is about so here is a little bit more about me. I grew up in a small little town called Othello Washington…what never heard it? haha it is not typically what people picture when they Washington. It is technically a desert and there are a lot of farms around, so not the pretty green trees the state is known for. However I loved growing up there, I played pretty much every sport growing up but my true love was basketball. I learned a lot of great drills which I have been working on again to help train for marathons.

I consider Washington the “first” part of my life and the “second” is my own family. I met this handsome fellow while working the good ol’ telemarketing circuit:

Devintiff val2[1]

And we married shortly after, he was just too cute to say no too:
Devin also loves sports and we remain very active as a family. Oh yeah we have 4 kiddos! and two of them are twin girls. I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

Although I’ve been active my whole life I never ran more than 2 miles until after I had my first child. I kept hearing everyone talk about the half marathons/marathons they had run, and I had to be part of the group. I had already been running on my own 5 to 6 miles so I felt I could do it.

My first half marathon was the Salt Lake City Half Marathon and it was such an awesome experience and I was immediately hooked. Since then I have run 4 other halfs, competed in a Ragnar Relay, and last September I ran my first marathon. (I have also done shorter local races as well) I love running. It is my favorite form of excercise, but I try my best to switch it up.

Working out is my hobby. It is something that is for me, when so much of my life revolves around my children, I have to have an outlet! Even though I tote my kids along with me to workout a lot it is still such a stress reliever. My friends and I workout together frequently and it is a great to get our children out and get some adult interaction. We have come up with some awesome, buttkicking workouts, and so I thought I would post them for others to see. Hopefully to inspire or just to give great workout ideas and tips. Enjoy!

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