Tuesday’s Workout

Warm up: 5 to 8 minutes jog.

Sweet Sixteen

Pyramid Sprints to 7

3 Circuit rotation. One person does a wall sit, one person does a backwards lunge, each holding a weighted ball. The third person will slide back and forth between the two people passing the ball back and forth once between each person. Each drill is for one minute and then rotate positions. Repeat one more time.

Speed Ladder Drills 3 minutes

3 circuit rotation #2- one person will run sideways through speed ladder doing a burpee at the beginning, middle and end. One person will do a figure 8 squat with medicine ball. Last person will do side lunge with weights. Each drill is one minute and then rotate positions. Repeat one more time.

Next we did this drill, and when you get to the baseline jog backwards to start again. Repeat drill for 3 minutes.

next was 10 minutes abs with stability ball, and here are a couple moves we did:

oblique-abdominal-exercises-on-a-stability-ball ab-crunches-stability-ball-women

followed by some planks and push ups on ball:

Push ups

Knee tucks

And then we ended with wall sits and squats on ball. Hold wall sit as long as you can and then do 10 squats, repeat 2 more times.




Trouble Zones Bootcamp

We started with a 5 min. jog, a  sweet sixteen and then pyramid sprints to 5.  And then onto the circuits. You will need a mat, weights heavy and light, and a chair.

Repeat each drill for 1 minute and then move to the next with no breaks.

Circuit 1:

The platypus

Twisting Jackknife (switch or alternate sides)

Alphabet superman

Rockette Plank (switch or alternate sides)


Circuit 2:

Round House Kicks over Chair

Knee Plank (switch or alternate sides)

Step up to Deadlift (switch or alternate sides)

Speed Shuffle


Circuit 3:

Arm extension with Leg Balance (switch or alternate sides)


Standing side crunch (switch or alternate sides)

Around the back


Circuit 4:

Static Squat with bicep curl

Side Lunge with bicep curl

Squat with overhead press

Dead lift/hammer curl


Circuit 5:

Fly/Pike Crunch

Bench Press Crunch

Standing Lunge push out-sink as low as you can into a lunge with palms facing inward push out for one rep (switch or alternate sides)

Sweeper (switch or alternate sides)


Tuesday’s Workout

Today I ran 1 mile to warm up, to me there really is nothing better than a quick jog to warm up. Next, I did this routine:


Love Jillian Michael’s as a trainer, kinda don’t like her as a person. But this was a pretty good workout. Just when I was finishing up the UPS man came with my new shoes, yay! Well I was excited for a minute anyway. I bought the Mizuno Wave Creations, and I didn’t realize that they are a very firm shoe. I am used to cushy shoes, so these may be going back. I’m going to give them a good run and we shall see if they stay or go. I ran a cool down mile in them and I wasn’t thrilled.

On a more happy endnote, check out my daughter’s form holding a plank, very impressive!