12 miler and bootcamp

I’m going a little out-of-order, but last Saturday we ran a 12 miler. This is the most I have run in quite a while. I didn’t run at all last week, so I was ready to go, and I think I took it a little too fast because I was so sore the next day! This is my fastest 12 miler to date, and almost exactly my half marathon pr pace. Hopefully that is a good thing. Tomorrow I’m running a 16 miler starting at 5 in the morning, yuck.


My get up, ignore my un-made bed. I needed a nap after this run!

I owe Mizuno’s a big apology, their shoes are awesome and the firmness of their shoe is really helping my foot problem. Plus they are super cute:


Today was boot camp again and I took it easy on the legs and focused more on the arms.

We started with a slow jog for 5 minutes, and then did a sweet sixteen. Next we did pyramid sprints to 6.

Here is the arm workout:

Arms Bootcamp