Saturday tradition and 300 rep challenge workout

I haven’t been able to post last Thursday’s workout, but it was awesome, we paired it with the 300 rep ab workout so I guess technically that’s 600 reps!

We started out with a 5 minute jog warm up.

Pyramid sprints to 6.

Speed Ladder drills.

300 Rep Challenge:

We also added 6 line sprints every 3 workout moves.

Links to moves:

Single Leg dead lift w/ torso twist

Double Squat Hop

Pendulum lunge

Bridge Extension

Spider push up

T to push up

Tricep kick back

Lateral raise

Wall sit w/ arm tap

Wall mountain climbers


Saturday’s run was very difficult to me. I told myself I want to get to 3 miles and if I wasn’t in a grove I would get off and do the elliptical. At 3 miles I felt great and made it to six miles. My average pace was the slowest to date, I finished six in just under an hour. But I know I have to listen to my body and do what it tells me!

After I get done at the gym, I always bring my kids back to get some energy out. We use our college gym, and they have a basketball court so we take the kids in there to shoot around and play. Cael has been working really hard at basketball and he will start officially next week. Devin does a great job working with him, and he is quite the little player for it only being his first year.

My little kids always like to join in the workout fun:





These are not staged pictures and I’m glad I was quick enough to snap them. It makes my heart happy to see my kids being active, and I hope that I am a good example to them. We do our best to get them out of the house and into environments where they can be active in a kid way:)

Where do you work out?

Fellow parents, how do you get your kids out of the house?

Cool stuff on Zulily and a new ab workout

Oh how I can’t wait to work my abs again! But I’m still putting together workouts so here is a great ab routine:


Here are the links to the moves:

Revolved Ab pose
Bicycle crunches
Toe touches
Hip touch plank

I promised myself I wouldn’t buy anything the month of January that we didn’t need, dang you Zulily! Ok I haven’t bought anything yet but it’s sitting in my cart begging to be bought, haha. I’ve wanted a balancing board and weighted ball for a while, but I’m trying to hold off. I mean really I’m not going to be able to use it for a few months anyway. But if any of you have Christmas money to spend they had some good stuff on their site!

Weighted Pilates ball

Stability Ball

Balance Board

24 weeks…still running

I’m so excited that I am still running at this point. I don’t even care how slow I am, I just want to be able to run. My goal is to run until 30 weeks at least! I’m almost 25 weeks, and so so close to that goal. I fill as though it will be so much easier to bounce back after this baby. My last couple of runs have been 5 to 6 miles. I end usually with an average of 9 min. miles. It takes me a lot longer to get warmed up, and by the end I’m running anywhere from and 8 to 8 1/2 min. mile. I’m careful not to push to hard.

Here is a belly shot at 24 weeks, this is the biggest I’ve ever been (with a singleton that is).


24 weeks!

Belly sweat;)

5 miles in about 43 minutes! Not to bad considering, I was kicking other people butts at the gym!

I have so much I want to blog about and so little time, one of my major goals this year is to get organized. I waste so much time, and I’m the biggest procrastinator. I always manage to get stuff done, but it’s always last-minute. So let’s see if I can keep up this year!!