Breaks over

Well that was a long break from blogging! I wish I was better at blogging and time management for that matter, but life has just been too crazy. We found out we are expecting a baby in April, and it’s a….


I’m so glad she is healthy and doing well, but we were really hoping for a boy, since this is our last child we will be having. I know that might sound a little selfish to some, but I guess I always pictured having two of each, oh well. We did not get pregnant just to have a boy, we have always wanted a big family and she is wanted.

I want to talk more about the pregnancy in a later post but for now onto the workouts,

I have still been running and I’m almost 20 weeks, wahoo! This is longest I have run during a pregnancy and I couldn’t be more excited. I have had a lot more ligament pain which has caused me to slow down, but I’m determined to run as far into the pregnancy as possible.  My average pace is around 8:30, and slowing every week:( But that is ok. I took almost a full year off because of the twins and came back to set two personal records. I’m convinced pregnancy is a great break for my body:)

Monday’s run was hard, must have been all the turkey and pie;) 5 miles on my treadmill:


Tuesday we did bootcamp and I love stealing other people ideas:



This was a good workout. My hips were feeling it though, I have to modify quite a bit. We added pyramid sprints to 7 to the beginning and did 30 second sprints in between each set. I was sweating a lot.

It’s amazing how those moves from elementary school can kill your adult body, and make you feel so old!

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