The best sports bra

Well for the smaller chested woman any way;) I have tried so many sports bras, and dropped a lot of dough on some. However the Brooks Glycerin bra has been the best for me. I wore it for my last marathon and had no problem with chafing. Granted I used Glide along with it, but I’ve always still had a problem with chafing. Even with glide. I have a smaller chest, obviously, so the molded cups still give me so shape without flattening me down, and making me look like a boy. Plus its super cute and soft everywhere. Love, love, love! I paid $40 for my first, and I’d shell out another $40, but they are on sale right now. Brooks is having a summer sale right, and they have some cute stuff on clearance. However since I only ordered the bra I bought it from 6pm because they have free shipping!
I have the black and white one, so I went with the sea-foam this time:

Here is a better pic of the color:

And this one is not on sale, but I will be watching for it to go on sale:


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