RZR Riding the last weekend of summer:(

I wasn’t joking when I said we were trying to squeeze in as many fun things as possible! Last Friday, we headed up to the Big Horns, and took our RZR up to do some trail riding. I am not a thrill seeking gal, so a nice little trail ride is right up my alley:
We stopped along a creek and the kids had a blast playing in their underwear:)
Yes my son is wearing Diego underwear that he has had since he was 4, haha. My kids are so skinny. I guess I should get rid of those! The kids seriously could have played there all day, so we will definitely be hitting up that spot again before winter comes.
Our ward in our church was up there for a campout, but since the cabins were not available to sleep in I was not tent camping again! Twins+tentcamping=no beuno! So we just went up for the evening, and enjoyed seeing all of our church friends for a while and headed home. That is my kind of camping:)
The next day I got up to do my usual Saturday morning run with this cute girl:
We ran 7 miles at a decent pace since Tonya is coming off of an injury. I really enjoy running with someone else it makes the time go by so much quicker! Talking the whole time also helps build up my lung capacity.

Do you like to run alone or with a buddy?

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