Fave move Friday

I’m a couple of days late posting this but every Friday I would like to post one of my favorite workout moves. When I started this blog, it was more of a place for me to journal all of my workouts and moves that I like. I hope to create different pages based on muscle group. This can get kinda of tricky however because a lot of the moves I do target more than one muscle group. I’ll figure it out somehow:)

First up Spider push-up. I made my husband demonstrate because let’s be honest he looks better doing it than me! I was getting pretty good at these, and then I lost a lot of my upper body strength. I will get it back!:

This move works Arms and Core.

Next Knee Tuck on Stability Ball:
This works your lower abs, but it also works your upper body a bit. If you want more of an upper body workout with this move, add in a push-up between reps!

Lastly Ball Pass:

This is also mainly a core move, but I tend to feel it in my legs and hips as well!

What is your favorite core move?

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