3 things

1. With school starting soon and Two of my kiddos will be going, I’m ready to wake up early and get my workouts done in the morning. Yesterday I woke up at 6, and I was shocked at how dark and chilly it still was. The street lights were still on:

I managed to get 7 and half miles in before heading to Billings to get in some shopping. I’m hoping I can get my butt out of bed every morning because I get so much more done when I get my workout in early.

2. I was having a hard time pushing at the end. I actually ran the second half slower than the first, but I know not every run will be perfect. I decided to change my the settings on my display and I’m loving my new settings. The top is set to average pace, and I find I push myself the hardest with that setting, and trying to bring that number down;) I didn’t have the total miles setting on my watch for a while because it felt like a distraction. However it doesn’t bother me with this current set up.

It’s amazing to me how lazy I’ve become this summer! I still workout everyday and I still run just as much, but not quite as fast. And really it doesn’t bother me. I chalk it up to I’m not training for anything so what’s the rush. This is probably not a good mind-set if I want to PR on my next race!

3. It’s been a long time since I’ve purchased some shoes, and I’m quite proud of myself. I’m hoping to make it until the end of the year until I give in and get some new ones. My Asics beat out my Mizunos in miles and they still have some life in them. I still have my marathon shoes which I only wear on Saturdays. I hoping they get me through to the end of the year!

So I’m curious what type of shoes do you runners prefer? And how do you set your Garmin?


6 thoughts on “3 things

  1. I know summer is definitely nearing an end because it’s darker a lot later in the mornings now here, too.
    I think it’s good to run slower when you’re not training for anything! It’s gives your mind the break it needs!
    I think my Garmin is set to overall time as the big numbers, current km pace on the bottom left and distance on the bottom right.

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