What I’ve been up to…

I think calling myself a blogging slacker is an understatement! There is so much that I want to blog about, and so little time. The past month has flown by, but we have soaked up every moment of summer that we possibly can. This means a lot of running around and not being home to blog. I still have manage to sneak in a workout everyday though.
To keep my kids from playing on the Xbox and Ipods all day, we have found some fun stuff to do outdoors. My brother and sister came to stay with us for a couple of weeks so we went to a water fall that is about an hour away, and did the hardest shortest hike ever! The hike was only a half mile, but it was steep. When I looked it up online, some reviews stated that it was a moderate hike, so I thought we could just carry the twins down. Wrong! I ended up slipping and falling hard on my tailbone so my little Jaycee wouldn’t get hurt. I regretted the decision to carry them down for the next couple weeks. The hike was worth it though.
Cael and my brother Zach both jumped into the freezing cold water. I might have been up for that if I had not slipped coming down the trail. Maybe next time.

This year is big for our family, because I will have two children in school, yay! Our school has a program called jumpstart, and the Kindergarten get a little preview of what school will be like. So Bree has been attending that this week, even though school doesn’t start for a couple more weeks. It has forced me to stay home, and get some stuff down. (and catch up on blogging and going through pictures)
I will post more soon, and I hope to catch up on my favorite blogs;)


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