How do you do it?

That is probably the question I get asked most about being the mother of twins. It’s a pretty simple answer; You do what you have to do! Don’t get me wrong twins are hard, but what is even more difficult is having two other children to take care of. Cael and Bree sometimes get the shaft because the twins have to come first. We do our best to give love and attention to all our kids, but this is probably going to be the toughest phase, when it comes to raising our children.
I can deal with craziness. I can work hard. I can put my kids first. But I think it’s so important as a mother to not completely lose yourself. Do something for yourself everyday, and that is how I keep my sanity. For me working out is what I need to do for myself. It allows me to clear my head, and get out my frustrations. Sometimes that means taking your kids with you to work out:






So today I wanted to get a couple of miles in at least, even though I was short on time. The kids needed to get out of the house. So I put all three of the girls in the jogging stroller and we headed to the park. That thing is hard to push! Cael rode his bike and he is such a good helper:) While the kids played I did a few arm moves and then we headed home. I take them with me to workout frequently, and I hope by doing this they see a good example of wanting to stay in shape and be active. It was a win/win for everyone. I’m glad I only had time to run a couple of miles because tomorrow I’ll be running this beauty. Stay tuned!

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