Utah Valley Marathon Recap

Well I plugged in my garmin to my computer for the first time ever! I think that shows just how serious I am about running:) I didn’t realize you have to change the settings to get mile by mile splits, so I have no idea what I ran each mile at. Boo. So I’m just going to guestimate.

The night before-

Tonya and I went through the expo really quickly so we could get to dinner “on time”. My husband is a freak about being on time, me, not so much. It was a big expo which I love, there were a few things I would love to try out, and one item I already had that I want to review. I was mainly going through to buy some GU and a headband. I ended up finding a cute Pink Zebra striped headband, and I wore it race day and it worked great. (On a side note, headband typically don’t stay on my head.) We probably spent a total of 15 minutes inside and then it was onto dinner.

Dinner was at PF Changs, probably not the best choice for a Pre-Race meal, but it sounded good. I was already full from my Turkey-alvacado sandwich from JCW’s(The best sandwich ever!!!), so I ate light. I decided to Forego the lettuce wraps, which are my favorite thing there, because that would not end well for me come race day;) Lettuce is a natural cleanser to my body for some reason. I ordered the Crispy Honey Chicken, and ate about half:



My hubby finished off the rest. I did order dessert but saved it for the next day. If you have not had the Great Wall of chocolate, you are missing out:



I didn’t take any pictures of the following:

The Expo, dinner, race clothes, or anything pre-race. I’m boring.

Breakfast: 1/2 a protein shake, 1/2 strawberry banana Naked Juice, and 1 banana. I had planned on eating an english muffin with peanut butter, but it just didn’t sound good. Looking back I probably should have forced myself to eat it, because I was hungry by the time the race started.


The start to the race was awesome!Buses were on time, race started on time. There were not long lines for the porta potties. Everything seemed like it was smooth sailing. One thing I love about the start of the race were the fires. They had little camp fires in a field where many were staying warming and having great conversation. It was so fun to talk with others and just relax. I honestly thought I was going to be bored and freezing, but the time went by pretty quick. We did some light warming up and stretching, and it was time to go. We were towards the front, and I didn’t feel as though there was a lot of weaving through people.

Miles 1-6

I honestly don’t remember these miles. I just kept thinking I haven’t seen the 3rd mile marker, surely we passed it by now. I pretty soon after that I saw the 6th mile marker. I tried to keep my pace under an 8 min. mile, but I switched my garmin so I couldn’t see the total miles. It’s a mental thing for me I don’t want to look down and see 10 miles when it feels like I have gone 12.

Miles 6-12

I know these miles were hard for Tonya, because there were no porta-potties!!! Later we received an email stating the porta-potties that were ordered did not get delivered for the first 13 miles. So everyone was running off the path to pee or do their business. I sweat so much I never have to pee, TMI I know. I forced myself to take a GU at mile 7 even though I didn’t want to, and I had been alternated Gatorade and water at every aid station.

Miles 13-18

I crossed the half way point at 1:45:39. I still can’t believe I ran a 1:36 half. I guess mentally you know you have to slow down, but 1:45 still felt hard and like I was pushing myself. The hills were tough at this point and after that the downhill parts were steep. I felt like my knees and feet were getting hammered. However I will say that I felt better at this point than I did last marathon. At about mile 14 I watched a guy puke. Gross. It was getting hot by this point, and the temp. for the high that day was 90.

Miles 19-24

I hate you miles 19 to 24 you suck! haha. Glad I got that out. At mile 18.5 I did an icy hot rub down, because I knew there were some tough miles coming up. Icy hot really helped during training but it did nothing for me during the race. 18 was the last short hill and then it was downhill for about 3 miles. I really needed that, because I knew the last 5 would be flat and straight. When I hit 21 my right calf cramped up, I mean the worst Charley horse at the worst time. I stop put my calf up against the wall until it went away. I rubbed some more icy hot–nada didn’t help. I was able to keep going and I didn’t stop long, but at mile 23, another Charley horse. So I stopped and stretched again. I was getting really upset and really emotional. I kept thinking this is not happening again, why does my stupid body cramp up like this? I know part of the reason is I sweat so much, but it would be awesome to finish a marathon without this cramping crap!

My friend Tonya is a rock star the last 6 miles, so I was so glad to have her there. I just kept telling myself stay with her and don’t walk! Walking makes it worse for me and it’s harder to get started. So I just pushed through the tightness in my legs. Luckily my Quads were not cramping like last time, so it made it a little bit easier to push through.

At mile 24 there was another short hill, and surprisingly it helped my legs. My legs actually felt a little better after the little hill and I was able to speed up a little bit.

Miles 24-26

They were hard. They sucked. It was hot. I wanted to be done. I thought several times to myself why the hell are you doing this again. Are you crazy, why did you think anything would be different this time? lol There were people with hoses and the race provided a mister you could run through. I was soaking wet, but it really helped to cool me off. I loved running down University Ave. and it brought back a lot of memories. I think it helped take attention away from my aches and pains. I think at the 1 mile to go marker you could begin to see the finish. I’m not sure if this was good or bad, because there were points it felt like it was getting further away. Finally I saw 5 stop lights left and I started to count down. I didn’t sprint at the end, or speed up for that matter, because I was not going to puke this time! I crossed and immediately started crying.

I was so happy it was over, and very excited that I took 31 minutes off my time:) I thought we would come in at 3:45 because the 3:40 pacer passed us, but I guess they weren’t that far ahead of us. My goal for the race 3:35, my second goal was 3:45. It would have been cool to qualify for Boston but I’m kinda glad I didn’t because then I would have to actually run and train for another marathon;)

It was awesome in the end, and I’m glad I did it but I need a break from fulls for a while. I would definitely recommend running this race. It was a beautiful run, well-organized (minis the porta-potty situation).  I love the downhill, but it was still difficult because of the hills. Way more hills than I anticipated.

Picture time:





The hubs, and Sandra D. (Mother-in-Law)


Tonya and I. She is a great friend to run another full with me!

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