Early Morning Bootcamp

Friday’s are going to be an early morning rise with no kids! It’s amazing how fast you can get through a workout with out having to worry about your kids mis-behaving. We met at the track at 6 am and it was gorgeous outside! I wish I had the energy to get up early everyday, but I’m lazy. I like to sleep in in the summertime.

We started with a one mile warm up, and then got right to bootcamp

Round one:

High Knees

Glute Bridge

Traveling Push-Up

Crunch/jab cross

Round two:


Lateral Jump

Reverse push up/leg push (Kinda like this, but push your leg straight out, like your kicking in a door)

Russian Twist

Round Three:


jumping lunge/overhead press

Core Activator

Mule Kicks

Round Four:

Jacks/toe touch

Side Crunch

push up to superman

Heel to foot tap

Ended with 6 minutes of speed ladder.

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