Copycat track workout

Monday was my first day working out since the marathon. I had planned on only taking a few days off, but sick kids and running around the city kept me busy. It was probably best for my body to take a rest, but this week has not been easy getting back into the groove of things.

Monday and Wednesday were track workouts. And Tuesday was a 6.5 mile run (hard).  I have been sore all week-long, and I forgot my foam roller in Utah…Awesome. I’m ready to stay fit this summer even though marathon training is over. So I’m going to trying to stick to this schedule:

Monday: Track workouts

Tuesday: Run

Wednesday: Track workouts

Thursday: Run or rest

Friday: Bootcamp

Saturday: Run

Sunday: Rest day

Yesterdays workout started with a mile and a half warm up. Followed by pyramid track sprints:

100m sprint– 100m jog

200m sprint– 200m jog

300m sprint–200m jog

400m sprint– 400m jog

300m sprint– 300m jog

200m sprint– 200m jog

100m sprint– 100m jog

Next onto the bleachers:


I took this from this site. Did this 3 times, and it took about 15 minutes.

Next we did partner step ups. One partner runs up and down the bleachers one step at a time and another steps up and down the first step until partner gets back. Switch back and forth 3 times.

It was getting pretty hot by this point so we went under the bleachers to get out of the sun. There were only 3 of us today so we finished off with some planks.

Two of us held a plank, in a row, while 1 person jumped over are legs continuously for 1 minute. We rotated through until all of us got a turn to jump.

I meant to bring my camera and take some pics but I left it at home. Next time I will have more pics. I love working out outside!


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