Go, Go, go..

That pretty much sums up my life. I’m always on the run, whether it’s taking this kid to baseball:
Or going to this kids Preschool Graduation:
Or trying to keep these two “locked down” while I get a workout in:

I should really try to tighten those straps:)

When you have 4 (little) kids and you are training for a marathon, you are running all.the.time. I guess it’s good training right?

I have been feeling extremely sore and tight. I also have not been following my rule of doing yoga once a week:/ I took Wednesday and Thursday completely off from any exercise, and it was very hard mentally to do that. I just feel like my body needed a break. Friday was a 8 mile run which I finished in a little over an hour. Saturday I did a really short run of about 3 miles, and then I came home and did some step for about 30 minutes.
This week will be really light as far as working out goes. I don’t want any soreness come Saturday!! Can’t believe the week is here, it’s the final countdown:)

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