Still Running

….I’m still alive and still sweating everyday!  Here was my 9 mile run last week:


I sweat a lot, even in 50 degree weather, and it’s hard to hide my natural curl with sweat and humidity.


I have been very happy with the pace I’ve running, even though I have been completely tired and exhausted the last couple of weeks following the 20 miler:


I attribute the tiredness to cutting out caffeine and sugar. (When I say sugar I mean junk, I still eat yogurt, fruits, honey, etc.) When I ran the 20 miler, I could feel that my body wasn’t getting that extra “kick” from caffeine. I’m pretty sure I’ve built up a tolerance. I don’t take in a lot of caffeine, I don’t drink coffee or tea, but I do enjoy the occasional Diet Dr. Pepper. My favorite pre-workout supplement is Zantrex-3:


I’ve taken this for years and love it. I typically only take 1 pill, which is half a serving, and I only take it on my long runs, which is once a week. I would love to be able to cut out caffeine completely from my diet, I know it’s just not great for your body, especially women because we tend to have more bone issues. I guess I need to do more research on it. Any who…my plan for race day is 2 Zantrex-3, which is a full serving, and Gu’s during the race. I will probably take a GU every hour. I hate the taste but they seem to do the job and they are easy to get down. I might take some Gobstoppers and Gushers, in case I’m not able to get the GU’s down.

I feel like I’ve tried everything out there for energy, and I know it’s too late to try anything new this close to the race, but I’d love some feedback on what everyone else takes for energy!

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