give me pain…

Love love love the song “The Fighter” by Gym Class Heroes. It is the best running song. It has gotten me through some tough spots in my runs lately. I have 2 weeks left until the marathon and I’m going to need all the pumping up I can get! Here is the video:

I love the part give me scars, give me pain…no scars yet from running but definitely pain!!! I get a lot of weird looks when I tell people I’m running a marathon.  I can read that look pretty well now, and I’m pretty sure they are saying why would you want to put yourself through that kind of torture?! I really don’t have a desire to be a marathon runner. I love the half marathon race distance! I just feel like the marathon distance training is so hard on my body. I completed my first marathon just to say I did one, and now I’m running my second because I was not happy with how I performed on my first:)

Right after I finished the marathon I said out loud that I was never doing that again! HA! I was pretty confident I would run the marathon in under 4 hours, and I was close to that, but I walked a lot of the last 6 miles because my legs cramped up. I was to the 20 mile mark at 2:55. It took me 1:16 to finish the last 6.2. That pace was slower than my training runs. It was just not my day to run, but I could not leave it like that. If you are a basketball ball player you have probably heard the phrase, “never leave the court on a missed shot”.  Well I couldn’t walk away from that race and leave it like that. I have to finish one STRONG, (stupid pride). So I’m running one in two weeks.

Here are some pics from my first marathon:

527230_4198350569776_1250030555_n[1] marathon

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