A day at the track


No make up…I always look so tired.


Bree showing the tires who’s boss;)


The middle schoolers had an obstacle course set up for PE. I couldn’t wait for them to leave so I could go “play” in it. haha
I love working out outside!!! Don’t get me wrong I love basketball sprints but there is something about the sunshine that just makes me happy:) Yesterday’s workout went like this:

1.25 mile warmup

1.25 sprint/jog (sprint the straightaways(100M), jog the curves(100M))

.25 partner plank jumps 100M/Jog the curves

Partner bleachers One person goes up the stairs, other partner alternates between Ab hold and mountain climbers. Repeat 2 more times through.

Full Bleachers:

1 set of stairs-single steps, run across the top and come down the next set of stairs, run across the bottom and run up 2 steps to top, run across the steps to run down steps to bottom. Last set of stairs, jump over one step to top and run down t bottom.

In between full bleachers we did partner wall sit and plank taps. So one person will wall sit and the other holds a plank and taps partners knees. Switch and then repeated from full bleachers.

When the middle schoolers left their obstacle course we ran over to use the tires and let the kids play:) We did the following circuits for 1 minute each:

High knees through tires

Bicycle Abs

Reverse plank with leg lift

High knees through tires

Plank shoulder tap

Leg in and out Abs

Whew! No wonder I was sore for my 11 mile run today;)


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