Life as of lately and my 20 miler

My life has been filled with end of year stuff; Baseball, Soccer, Dance and Running a lot for me. It has left little time for blogging. I ran my 20 miler on Saturday and it was tough! Coming off of the half marathon and still working out hard throughout the week took its toll on my body. Here is what my week looked like for workouts:

Monday-5 miles easy pace (43 minutes)

Tuesday-Bootcamp and sprints

Wednsday-7.5 miles in the WIND not fun

Thursday-First day at the track! I love the sun. Sprints and Bleachers (I will post the workout because it’s one of faves)


Saturday-20 miler


I woke up at 5 to eat breakfast and give it sometime to digest. I ate half of a banana, a piece of toast with peanut butter and drank half a Naked juice. I went back to bed and started running at 7.  I knew going into the long run it wasn’t going to be my best. My legs were heavy and I still had some sore spots from Thursday’s workout. But it was getting done. The first couple miles were uphill probably not the best way to start but good training, right? Tonya and I talked the first 12 miles which is great because it makes time go by quicker. I took a GU at mile 6 with water and I tried alternating water and Gatorade to drink. But I didn’t take GU and Gatorade together because I guess they do not mix well.

At mile 12 I took another GU and drank water. I finally needed to start listening to music to push through. The music was great until mile 17 my stomach was just not feeling right and I could not maintain a 8 min. pace. I slowed down to 8:20 but my feet kept going to back to 8. At 18 I had to stop and stretch, I was just not feeling great. I don’t know how I got through the last 2 miles. My feet hurt my lower abdominal were so tight and it felt like I was close to pulling something:( I was so happy when my watch said 20 I stop immediately.

I need to download my stats but I’m pretty happy with the run. It was a hard training run which I needed. I like that I didn’t start out with completely fresh legs, and I hope this simulates more of the last 20 miles of the race rather than the first. My goal was to keep it around an 7:45 pace for about 12 miles and I think I was pretty close to that. I beat last years 20 milers by about 16 minutes so that makes me really happy! I just hope it’s enough training for the big race! 3 weeks to go…



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