The best race ever…

Saturday was seriously the best half marathon ever! I do not consider myself a super “fast” runner, but Tonya and I killed it on Saturday:) Taking appx. 8 minutes off our last half marathon. Tonya is an amazing running partner, and she is a natural at running. It is so hard to find someone the same pace as you, but we push and pull each other all the way through. After I had the twins, Tonya pushed me to get back it to shape quickly because she was in such good shape so I had to work hard to keep up with her.

Anywho…Saturday started off as usual-NO SLEEP!:
I wonder what a race would be like with sleep. Oh well. I knew it would be a PR day, because we have been training at a pretty fast pace. I asked Tonya what she wanted to run and we both felt pretty comfortable with 1:40. The race had pacers?! There were only about 288 runners so I was shocked by that. The fastest pacer was 1:40 so we kept her in sight the whole time. She was super speedy it felt more like a 1:35 pace, but I’m glad she ran that fast because we ended at 1:36!

The start of the race was cold, and I mean BRRR. We made it to the first bus so there was plenty of time for using the honey buckets;) We snuggled in our warm blankets for a little bit:
And then headed to the start line. I was tying my shoe when someone yelled ready go! Ha. We took off at a really fast pace. It is so hard for me to start slow! 1-3 were really cold but went by super fast. The sun hit us about mile 4 and I was really regretting wearing my jacket, so I took it off and tied it around my waist. The first part was downhill with a hill at about mile 4. I kept looking at my watch thinking we should slow down, oh well I guess we will take this hill at a 7:20 pace:) 4-8 are a blur they went by so fast. I remember looking at my watch at mile 8 and it said 59 minutes. I was feeling great. The temp. was around 55 degrees which was perfect, because I never got to hot. Around mile 11 we started passing people, and the 1:40 pacer slowed down and told us we were in 4th and 5th for females. Number 1 was not far away.

As we went up a hill we passed a guy and he told us this hill we were on was still a quarter-mile long. We kept a strong steady pace and eventually took the 2nd and 3rd spot. Just after mile 12 we passed the number 1 girl and we kept plugging along. I kept telling myself not much longer almost there and the next time I looked at my watch it was at 12:81. I was on cloud nine and we started sprinting shortly after that. Not a good idea for me. Tonya is a rock star at sprinting at the end, but me, yeah I barf. I was so happy and my body felt amazing and strong, but my stomach not so much. As we crossed the finish line I felt the puke come up. I tried to hold it back but I threw up. Ugh, no more sprinting for me.

We took 9th and 10th at of everyone, which is a huge accomplishment for me. I really don’t care too much about place and I didn’t start this race thinking we would win the whole thing! I say we because Tonya was 1/10 of a second “behind” me, haha. The only thing I really care about is setting a PR for myself, but winning was pretty awesome. And the girls we passed are really good runners.

Overall this race was great and I would definitely recommend it. Well organized and a great course. It was mainly downhill I would say but there were 3 good hills and the last one definitely kicked my butt. Even though it was early spring and a lot of trees still look dead, it had some really pretty parts. On a side note last year they had only 90 participants, so they pretty much tripled their numbers! Here is the link to their site.

Picture overload:

I didn’t stop it right away, because I was too busy throwing up:( This is the first time I only ran 13.1. Most likely because there was no weaving between other runners.

image image image

Tonya’s dad and husband ran they race. They both reached their goals of running it in under 2 hours. It was a great race day for everyone!!

image image

PR Smile;)

image image image

I took the girls with me and although it was the most beautiful drive…Taya Puked because it was so curvy. The way back was great however, they slept half of the drive.

4 thoughts on “The best race ever…

  1. Congrats on your half! That’s an awesome time!! I have one coming up and would love that. I’ve never paid attention to pacers but good to know! How do the pacers even know what they’re doing??
    Emma @ a mom runs this town

    • Thanks! I don’t know how the pacers do it. I know they like to go a little faster just to be safe. I’ve heard of pacers have to “cut” corners because they fell behind.

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