Treadmill Sprints and Running Mistakes


I do this workout A LOT, and it doesn’t seem to be getting easier. So I will keep at it until it does:) Sprints are an awesome way to break up the treadmill time. This workout out can be modified pretty easily. If you are really comfortable at a 5.0, then try sprints at a 7.0. If 4 sets of sprints is too much then work up to it start with 2 sets, and the next week try 3.

Sprinting is what has made me faster. I’m not out to break any records, well maybe my own;) But I remember running 9 min. miles thinking I was pretty bad A, haha!

Here is what my treadmill looked after this workout. I didn’t slow down the last mile, because I ran out of time and mommy duties called:


I’m pretty sure my calorie counter is off?

I loved this article I found on the internet about running mistakes.

A lot of this rang true for me and I’m trying to make changes this time around.

Taking breaks: I don’t take too many breaks but usually a 5 minute break in the middle. Also, since I’ve been splitting up running inside and outside, it takes a little long to get going outside. So I need a better game plan here.

No downhill training: I made this mistake last marathon and I need to do some downhill training asap.

This is probably the biggest for me:

Lack of race simulation: Last marathon my long runs were fine but slow. This time around I’ve been pushing a little harder through long runs. The only problem is my body definitely feels it!

Tuesday Bootcamp

Nothing like a good sweat session to relieve stress! The past week and a half have already been super stressful because of the sickness in our house, so yesterday was just icing on the cake:( It felt so good to get out of the house and workout.

Twice a week a group of us girls meet at our church house to work out. (We have a cultural center that has basketball court in it, but I want to do a whole blog about it so more on that later.) As I pulled up to the church I realized I didn’t back up the car so I could more easily unload my stuff. As I backed up to turn the car around the twins screamed NO, NO! They thought I was leaving to go back home, it was so sad! These little girlies have been so cooped up they needed OUT, haha. When we walked in the ran around with the biggest miles on their faces. I guess they love to get out as much as I do.

So here is what we did, I’m still trying to ease back into it, but it is pretty hard to hold back.

8 minute warm up jog.

Pyramid sprints to 7.

Half Court Legs:

Starting at half court lunge forward to baseline. Slide to sideline. Reverse lunge to half court. Slide opposite direction to start. Repeat 3 times. (We did this with 8lb weights.)

Circuit 1:

Tap dance on step

Wall sit

Ball Throw sit up

Step Side Crunch

Do each drill for 1 minute. Repeat one time through.

Half Court legs 2:

Traveling Squat with should press to baseline. Crossover to sideline. (Opposite Leg leading) Traveling Squat with shoulder press to half court. (Opposite Leg leading) Crossover to start. Repeat 2 times.

Circuit 2:

Step Hop over

Stability Ball Deadlift

Plank up downs on step

Arms over head crunch on Stability Ball

Do each drill for 1 minute. Repeat 1 time through

We finished with some partner abs. Leg throw down, repeated 2 times, and foward ball throw with twist.

Fear Not; Only Believe

“The Lord who calmed the tempest is still in control, and the future is bright, not fearsome.”


I just can’t stop thinking about what happened today in Boston, and how my heart breaks for the victims of this senseless crime. My family, friends, and my babies have been at a finish line waiting to cheer for me to cross that line. It can be so scary to raise children in an uncertain world.
My son who is getting older is now constantly asking questions about hurricanes and tornadoes. He fears them. When I see the fear in his eyes, I know I have to be strong even though I know something like that could happen. I tell him it will be ok, and that natural disasters most likely won’t happen where we live, but we know what to do if it does.
Won’t I don’t tell him is what I really do fear: Him walking to school or playing outside and getting kidnapped. One of his peers taking a gun to school and opening fire. Or later in life when he has a driver’s licence and he is out there on the road with all the drunk drivers.
These thoughts are inevitable for any parent I would assume. Today I found comfort in this talk by President Gordon B. Hinckley-Fear Not; Only Believe.  Here are two great points that I loved:

  • “Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God who condescended to come into the world to save mankind. He is our Savior and our Redeemer. He was the Son of a mortal mother and a divine, Eternal Father. In His name we pray. Through His atoning sacrifice we obtain forgiveness for our sins. We have the assurance of the Resurrection, and if we walk in His ways after His pattern, we will have the opportunity of exaltation.”
  • “Believe in goodness, my dear young friends. There is so much of evil in this world. It seems to be everywhere—in television, in books, in magazines, in videos……..Believe in goodness. In the midst of great evil, there is so much of good to be found in the world. It is your responsibility to follow the right. “Choose the right when a choice is placed before you” (Hymns, no. 239). There is something wonderful and uplifting that comes from believing in goodness and beauty and truth.

I know there is still so much goodness in the world, and I have to teach and show my children that. I hope they do not fear. I hope they can grow up carefree and happy. I hope they can see they goodness in people and be forgiving of the bad. My thoughts and prayer are with the people of Boston tonight.