4 kids = one crazy life!

I spent quite a bit of time preparing for my son’s party last week. I only believe in spoiling my kids twice a year, their birthdays and Christmas. They only get a friend party every 2 years, so we had 6 crazy boys running around our house Friday night! And now I remember why I don’t throw parties every year:)
Cael is really into ATV’s, so he had a race themed party. I’m really glad two of my kids share a birthday, one less party to throw. Here are some pics:
image image image image

I don’t even try to get the whole family in a picture any more. Half isn’t bad right;)


Saturday’s was short, 8 miles, because this weekend with be a half marathon. Still tried to keep the run fast even though my legs were tired from Friday’s workout. I kept looking at my garmin, and my pace was right around a 7:30 pace which was great. The weather was fantastic and I ended up ditching my jacket at around mile 3. My pasty white face even got some sun! I love summer and I can’t wait for the early morning runs:)

image image

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