9 miles because I have a 9 year old!

In honor of my son turning 9 I ran 9 miles yesterday. I was only planning on running 7 miles today, but what is two more right! I couldn’t stop thinking about him he whole time. 9 is sooo old, I mean one more year and he will be double digits:) Here are some flashback pics:

1 day old:


2 years old:


3 years old:

6 years old:

IMG_0768 IMG_0813

The Birthday Boy!:


I tried to do half mile sprints, but I am such a wuss this week! I ended up stopping during a couple of rounds. Here what the workout looked like:

2 mile warm up-18 minutes

.6 mile sprint at 9.0

.2 miles at 8.0

.25 miles at 7.0

Repeated 5 times

The last two I slowly brought my speed down to an 8 min. mile. The weather is warming up so I’m looking forward to running outside, wahoo!

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