26 in 2 days

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Last marathon I ran a 20 and a 22 miler for my longer training runs and I thought that was perfect training. I didn’t really reach my goal of running the marathon in under 4 hours. So I’ve been reading blogs and websites looking for different things to make this marathon different. When I ran the 20 and 22 they were slower runs, and I don’t think they really simulated an actual race.
So I really need to switch it up if I’m going to do better this marathon. I decided to run a 10 miler last Friday and on Saturday I ran 16. 26 total miles in 2 days. It was hard, a lot harder than the original 20 I had planned. Friday wasn’t bad, I ended up running 1.5 to the gym, 7 at the gym, and 1.5 home. I kept my breaks short. I probably looked pretty hilarious trying to get my cold gear off that fast. Total time for the 10 miler: 1:18 about 7:42 average pace.

With this training method you are supposed to keep a faster pace both days. Saturday my legs were sore and tight probably a little bit because of sprints. I didn’t know what kind of pace I was going to be able to keep. The first 8 miles were on the treadmill, and I finished by 1:03. At mile 6 I ate a bunch of pretzels and fruit snacks and at 8 I jumped of the treadmill downed a 5 hour energy and rubbed icy hot all over my legs. I hit the road and told myself just keep an 8 min. pace for 2 miles. Icy hot saved my legs. I was able to run 4 miles in 32 minutes. I slowed down a little bit but not much-I really tried to push myself. My time for the second half: 1:07:23. Total time for 16 miles 2:10:23


Sore, tired legs:)

I know the treadmill seems like a lot of hassle but I love it because 1. It’s saving my legs from the beating of the roads and 2. It pushes me to go faster. I’m still trying really hard to keep my breaks really short, but it is hard to avoid breaks when running on the treadmill and outside. I really think this method was better training than running a 20 miler. But I still want to run a 20 miler because I think I need that mental preparation!

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