Treadmill Sprints and Running Mistakes


I do this workout A LOT, and it doesn’t seem to be getting easier. So I will keep at it until it does:) Sprints are an awesome way to break up the treadmill time. This workout out can be modified pretty easily. If you are really comfortable at a 5.0, then try sprints at a 7.0. If 4 sets of sprints is too much then work up to it start with 2 sets, and the next week try 3.

Sprinting is what has made me faster. I’m not out to break any records, well maybe my own;) But I remember running 9 min. miles thinking I was pretty bad A, haha!

Here is what my treadmill looked after this workout. I didn’t slow down the last mile, because I ran out of time and mommy duties called:


I’m pretty sure my calorie counter is off?

I loved this article I found on the internet about running mistakes.

A lot of this rang true for me and I’m trying to make changes this time around.

Taking breaks: I don’t take too many breaks but usually a 5 minute break in the middle. Also, since I’ve been splitting up running inside and outside, it takes a little long to get going outside. So I need a better game plan here.

No downhill training: I made this mistake last marathon and I need to do some downhill training asap.

This is probably the biggest for me:

Lack of race simulation: Last marathon my long runs were fine but slow. This time around I’ve been pushing a little harder through long runs. The only problem is my body definitely feels it!


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