Tuesday Bootcamp

Nothing like a good sweat session to relieve stress! The past week and a half have already been super stressful because of the sickness in our house, so yesterday was just icing on the cake:( It felt so good to get out of the house and workout.

Twice a week a group of us girls meet at our church house to work out. (We have a cultural center that has basketball court in it, but I want to do a whole blog about it so more on that later.) As I pulled up to the church I realized I didn’t back up the car so I could more easily unload my stuff. As I backed up to turn the car around the twins screamed NO, NO! They thought I was leaving to go back home, it was so sad! These little girlies have been so cooped up they needed OUT, haha. When we walked in the ran around with the biggest miles on their faces. I guess they love to get out as much as I do.

So here is what we did, I’m still trying to ease back into it, but it is pretty hard to hold back.

8 minute warm up jog.

Pyramid sprints to 7.

Half Court Legs:

Starting at half court lunge forward to baseline. Slide to sideline. Reverse lunge to half court. Slide opposite direction to start. Repeat 3 times. (We did this with 8lb weights.)

Circuit 1:

Tap dance on step

Wall sit

Ball Throw sit up

Step Side Crunch

Do each drill for 1 minute. Repeat one time through.

Half Court legs 2:

Traveling Squat with should press to baseline. Crossover to sideline. (Opposite Leg leading) Traveling Squat with shoulder press to half court. (Opposite Leg leading) Crossover to start. Repeat 2 times.

Circuit 2:

Step Hop over

Stability Ball Deadlift

Plank up downs on step

Arms over head crunch on Stability Ball

Do each drill for 1 minute. Repeat 1 time through

We finished with some partner abs. Leg throw down, repeated 2 times, and foward ball throw with twist.


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