18 miler and training plan

Well I know this is old news but I ran my 18 miler last Friday and it was seriously my worst training run ever! I had not been feeling well last week but wanted to get it done! Come to find out this week that I did indeed have a sinus infection, blah. I started off with no sleep, same as last week, but felt pretty good. Tonya and I ran the first 9 miles on the TM and finished in 1:07:30.


I stopped and had a GU, blackberry, it was disgusting! I am back to square one on what to take for energy. I can get through a half without taking anything, but this will not fly for the marathon. Anyways, we hit the road and I was not feeling it, the stopping made my stomach start to cramp and I just felt wiped out. But I made it to the next water break which was half way and I was pretty confident I would get through this. After stretching for a minute it was off to finish the rest of the run and I finally was feeling pretty good. I had my music turned on and was feeling the beat, but then we switched direction and headed straight into WIND. I HATE THE WIND! I know I should get over this because I live in Wyoming, but I hate running it, and it was only for 1.5 miles. We ran right by my house at mile 16 and I seriously was ready to quit, because my rip cage hurt probably because of the sinus infection and lack of oxygen. Everything else felt fine my legs were feeling great and no aches or pains. But I kept going and stopped at the gym at 17.5, by this time I was going to be late getting my son to school so I headed home. I should have just finished and let him be late but I wasn’t feeling well at all. I could not leave at 17.5 though I had to finish it, haha. I ran outside my house for a few minutes until the Garmin said 9 dangit!  I magically felt better could have gone an extra couple miles, what the crap.


I can’t believe I only have 2 really tough long runs left. Here is my marathon training schedule for long runs:


I did have a few 10 milers under my belt before I started this, I didn’t just jump to 12. I probably won’t be able to do 20 tomorrow, but it is getting done next week! Total time for 18 miler about 2:26.


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