Bad, sick week:(

I finished my 18 miler on Friday feeling horrible, not my best run, but I will blog about it later. I came home thinking I could rest a little, however my sweet little Jaycee started throwing up, and it continued all weekend. She is finally feeling better today, but she is the only one that feels well, because she got everyone else sick. Right now my other 3 children are feeling horrible. This is the worst virus I have ever experienced, and I’m thinking it will last 5 days for everyone. So My life has been cleaning up puke (and diarrhea), laundry, holding crying children, forcing fluids to be drank…repeat repeat repeat. Yuck, it feels as though it will never end!





Finally, one happy kid;) Oh and a happy mom since I finally got a run in! (p.s. my bed did get made today)


Slow run for me. I walked on an incline for a while and at 5.6 I decided to run to 6, ended at about 53 mins. Not sure if I’ll be able to run a 20 miler on Saturday, but my week can only get better from here!


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