Tuesday’s Drills and Easter Weekend

I’m a little slow this week with logging my workouts but here was the last bootcamp we did:

Tuesday’s Workout:

5 to 8 minute warm-up jog

10 minutes sprints:

Sprint from the side line to side line 10 times and rest for one minute.

Next, sprint to side line and back, then so crossovers and back (switch directions), and sprint again. Next, slide side line and back (switch direction and go again) followed by a sprint. Next jog backwards and back, and followed by one last sprint. Rest for one minute.

Repeat these 2 different sprints until you hit 10 minutes.

pyramid sprints to 6

Full Court Drill:

Run to Tap dance on step Forward and Back. Sprint to Center Court and Slide to sideline. Do 20 mountains climbers and slide back to other sideline. Forward lunge to baseline. Side squats to sideline. Backwards lunge to center court run through speed ladder to baseline. Side Squats to Start. Repeat one time through.

Half Court Drill:
Run to Step Side Jumps 8 times. Run to half Court 10 Ski Climbers. Slide to sideline and turn and Jumping lunges through speed ladder, when you get to the baseline turn and slide to start. Repeat 3 more times.

Circuit 1:
Do each circuit for 1 minute:
Lunges on Step
Ab Twist with weighted ball
Speed Ladder
in and out abs

Circuit 2:
Do each Circuit for 1 minute:
Jumps over step-do a two footed jump over step
Leg push abs-(start lying down on back with knee’s bent towards chest. Crunch in and push legs out to side, and pull legs back in towards chest twisting to push legs out to the other side.)
Speed Ladder
Plank with shoulders touches/10, switch over to back alternating hand to foot crunch/10, switch

We had such a fun Easter weekend with the kids. I’m so glad I was able to get my long run in on Friday, because I took all weekend to recover. We had a little Easter egg hunt on Saturday, and the kids got a few treats on Sunday Morning. Weekends go by so quick when you are having fun, and here are a few pics to prove it:)

image image




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