16 miler and Happy Easter!

Friday was the first really long run for me, and it went pretty well considering I did not sleep well. I woke up at 4 wide awake and I have no idea why. This same situation usually happens on race day, but not usually while I’m training. I guess I just prepping for race day:)

Since Wyoming still looks like this occasionally:


I ran 8 on the treadmill and 8 outside. I just kept telling myself I’m going to push hard on the treadmill and the rest will be an easy jog. I did 8 in about 1:01, and we had some garmin issues so I’m not exactly sure what the time was outside but around 1:08-1:10. So in total I’m guessing we were around 2:11 or 2:12 finishing. I really enjoyed breaking it up, it just made the run go a little faster. I also feel like the treadmill is a little easier on my body, because I was not as sore as usual compared to running outside.


Here is my 4:30 no make-up pose:


I like to lay my stuff out the night before so I can sleep in as long as possible. Adidas shorts, Brooks running top, Under armour bra. This was for my run inside. When we went outside I threw my Under Armour Long Sleeve top on and my cheap target running pants.


Happy Easter Everyone! Getting my kids to take a good picture-impossible:)




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