Bootcamp Thursday

Sprints sweet 16 and pyramid sprints to 7. Then on to bootcamp training:

Speed ladder 2 minutes.

We used half of the basketball court for this one. Starting at the corner of the baseline alternating squats with a shoulder press. When you hit half court turn and lunge with a bicep curl. On the next turn I had the speed ladder set up and ran straight through (still holding on to weights). On the final turn, we ran backwards with arms straight above head holding weights. Repeat 2 more times.

Speed ladder 2 minutes.

Using half the court again and start in the corner but go the opposite direction. Reverse lunge holding weights, and then turn run through speed ladder. Next with weights on shoulders slide to the sideline. Lastly run backwards arms above head holding weights. Repeat 3 more times switching sides on slides each time.

Next was a series of 5 circuits, 1 minute each:

Step hop over

ballet twist

medicine ball catch

Side lunges on step. 4 high, 4 low.

medicine ball twist

Repeat one time through

Second series:

Heel tap on step

Un-even push up roll ball to other side in between sets

Side crunch on step-add a weight to hands and use a step for advanced.

Medicine ball toe tap

Plank with arm and leg raise

Repeat one time through

We ended with some abs:)

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