When does healthly become unhealthly?

My workout was boring today 7 slow miles on the treadmill but I did see something that sparked my interest on facebook today. (I love a good debate:))

diyet list


This is a 7-year-oldĀ girls “diyet” plan, and the news is portraying it as society putting pressure on young girls to be skinny.

I read it…thought about it and decided the list wasn’t that bad. Here is a child thinking about healthy choices. The list did not have one negative thing on it. It didn’t have anything restrictive on it, such as I can’t have cake because it has too much sugar, or I can’t eat fried food because it has too much fat. It was filled with healthy options and some activities that would be great exercise for a kid.
I have a son who is close to that age and he has made a chart at school that included healthy food options. He also made a healthy menu for a cub scout elective. So I know they are taught in different areas outside the home about food and what is healthy.
Ultimately it is my (and my husbands) responsiblity to teach are children good eating habits and a good exercise regimen. However I don’t mind if they learn it from other places as well. As long as it is not taking the place of something important at school such as math or reading.
With the rise in childhood obesity growing, is 7 too young to be worrying about what is healthy? Is there too much pressure on kids to be thin?
Just wondering what others thought of this.

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