Tuesday Workout with leg moves for runners

Since running is so linear I love using my off days to work different muscle groups that you usually don’t hit running. One of the main things I like to do is defensive slides but here are some awesome moves that I am going to cycle in regularly:



We started with a 5-8 minute jog.
And next we did some sideline sprints:

Slide from the side line to side line 3 times one way and then switch direction and rest for one minute.

Next, sprint to side line and back, then so crossovers and back (switch directions), and sprint again. Next, slide side line and back (switch direction and go again) followed by a sprint. Next jog backwards and back, and followed by one last sprint. Rest for one minute.

Sprint sideline to sideline 10 times.

Repeat these 3 different sprints with 1 minute rests in between. Repeat one time through.

Speed ladder drills 5 minutes with a burpee at each end.

First set of leg moves:

Sit and sculpt(alternate sides on next set)

Wall mountain climbers

Do each move for 1 minute and switch repeat one more time.

Second set of leg moves:

Side leg lift with stability ball (dimple creator)(alternate sides on next set)

One leg dead lift with stability ball (tush tightener)(alternate sides on next set)

Do each move for 1 minute and switch repeat one more time.

Third set of leg moves:

Knee Plank (alternate sides on next set)


Do each move for 1 minute and switch repeat one more time.

We did two more circuits (each drill for 1 minute):

Abs with straight-arm side twists

Full sit up with straight arms holding weight

Defensive slides (These are hard to explain but here a video on a couple different drills)

Heisman over cones

2nd circuit (each drill for 1 minute)

Medicine ball toe tap

Defensive slides

Side Jumps over cones.

Speed skaters


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