Thursday Bootcamp

We started with a 5 to 8 minute warm up jog

10 minutes sprints:

Slide from the side line to side line 3 times one way and then switch direction and rest for one minute.

Next, sprint to side line and back, then so crossovers and back (switch directions), and sprint again. Next, slide side line and back (switch direction and go again) followed by a sprint. Next jog backwards and back, and followed by one last sprint. Rest for one minute.

Repeat these 2 different sprints until you hit 10 minutes.

Arms Bootcamp

Plank With Rotation

Walking Push Ups-start in plank position move left hand right next to your right hand. next leaving your feet in place move right hand so arms are shoulder width apart, do a full push up. Repeat in opposite direction. (I know I have seen these, just can’t seem to find an example.)

Plank up/downs

Inch Worm

Plank Toe Taps- start in plank position bring foot to opposite arm and tap toe, keep alternating.

Walking Plank with Burpee

We ended with 10 minute abs.



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