7 treadmill miles

I’ll be the first to admit the treadmill can get really boring. To help fix the boredom, I’ve been trying to run more sprints. The miles go by a lot quicker and I don’t find myself stressing about how much longer I have to be on the treadmill. I saw this cute and true picture about Wyoming:


Wyoming is windy. I am a pretty big wuss when it comes to cold and wind. I’m getting better though. I’m so excited for summer and to be able to run outside with out all my cold gear! Here are a couple of essentials for me for running out side in the cold:

running gloves running headband waffle shirt

Under Armour Gloves- I have 2 pairs of these bad boys, The pointer finger is fleece so you can wipe your cold snotty nose haha.

Asics headband for some reasons some of the other ear warms to not completely cover my ears? I must have big ears:) But this headband does and it is not fleece so I don’t get super hot.

Under Armour Waffle shirt-I have a couple different styles and I the how warm the waffle shirt is without have to wear a lot of layers.

Onto the treadmill workout…my hamstring was still so tight from Tuesday partner workout (which I still need to post) so I ran 2 really slow miles @ 9:30 pace. It started felling better. So I ran Pyramid sprints that looked like this:

.50 at 8.0
.25 recover at 7.0
.75 at 8.2
.25 recover at 7.0
1 mile at 8.4
.25 recover at 7.0
.75 at 8.2
.25 recover at 7.0
.50 at 8.0
.50 at 7.0
7 total miles

7 miler


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