10 miler and Grandmas’ Kicks

So now that my taxes are good to go I can get back to blogging:) Saturday Tonya and I ran 10 miles..Outside…because the weather was beautiful. In Wyoming you take advantage of those days. I’m surprised I was able to run so fast outside. We finished 10 miles in 1:20. I am not used to running outside, and for some reason I’m able to go faster on the treadmill. Any ways, I finally got some shoes I think I can live with for a while. They are Asics Nimbus and I have had them before:

10 miler shoemirror shoes grandmasshoe
After trying a few different brands I’m back to Asics and here is why:

They last longer

They are cushy

They are supportive

I can run outside in them long distance

Only downside is they are ugly shoes, they really do look like Grandma’s walking shoe. But whatever gets the job done right?!ย  Here is my tidbit/suggestions on shoes:

Don’t get what works for someone else because they are a crazy fast runner, get what works for you. This means going to a running store trying on however many shoes it takes. Most running shoes stores have a treadmill where you can run a little bit in them and they will even take them back within 30 days if you hate them.

Get shoes with Gel in them. Foam may feel awesome but they break down faster, so if you want a shoe to go the distance get Gel.

Do not wear lightweight shoes outside for long runs. I had a pair and they were awesome on the treadmill but if I wore them outside my feet would start hurting after 6 or 7 miles. You have been warned lightweight shoes can bruise your feet!

Rotate your shoes. This is concept is newer to me. I’ve always had a couple of pair of running shoes, but I don’t think I rotated them properly. The owner at the shoe store I go to told me to only run in my shoes every 48 hours, because the shoe takes that long to re-inflate. I am currently trying this method out so I will let you know:)

I don’t believe in the perfect shoe, but I do believe in awesome brands. These are my favorites:

Adidas Nike Brooks


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