Killer Bootcamp

5 to 8 minute warm-up jog

10 minutes sprints:

Sprint from the side line to side line 10 times and rest for one minute.

Next, sprint to side line and back, then so crossovers and back (switch directions), and sprint again. Next, slide side line and back (switch direction and go again) followed by a sprint. Next jog backwards and back, and followed by one last sprint. Rest for one minute.

Repeat these 2 different sprints until you hit 10 minutes.

pyramid sprints to 6

Circuit 1:

Speed Ladder (2 minutes)
mountain climbers (1 minute)
tricep push ups (1 minute)
in and out abs (1 minute)


Circuit 2:

Jumping jacks-alternate single double jacks every 8 count (2 minute)
3 point plank jumps (45 seconds)
Pilates Leg Pull Back(1 minute)
Side plank obliques (1 minute)


Circuit 3:

Heisman over cones twice and then jump over cones 1 time (1 minute)
Squat figure 8 (1 minute)
spider push ups (1 minute)
Ab Twist with weighted ball (1 minute)


Circuit 4:

2 hooks, 2 uppercuts, 2 knees, repeat alternating knee lifts (1 minute)
 knee tucks (45 seconds)
plank rows (1 minute)
Pilates Leg pulls (1 minute)


Circuit 5:

Kickboxing combo jab-cross, jab-cross two jacks turning (1 minute)
Fire hydrant straight leg/out to the side (max out)
Bicep curls (max out-alternate standard curls and hammer curls until you can’t do anymore)
Scissor kicks ( 1 minute)


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