Trouble Zones Bootcamp

We started with a 5 min. jog, a  sweet sixteen and then pyramid sprints to 5.  And then onto the circuits. You will need a mat, weights heavy and light, and a chair.

Repeat each drill for 1 minute and then move to the next with no breaks.

Circuit 1:

The platypus

Twisting Jackknife (switch or alternate sides)

Alphabet superman

Rockette Plank (switch or alternate sides)


Circuit 2:

Round House Kicks over Chair

Knee Plank (switch or alternate sides)

Step up to Deadlift (switch or alternate sides)

Speed Shuffle


Circuit 3:

Arm extension with Leg Balance (switch or alternate sides)


Standing side crunch (switch or alternate sides)

Around the back


Circuit 4:

Static Squat with bicep curl

Side Lunge with bicep curl

Squat with overhead press

Dead lift/hammer curl


Circuit 5:

Fly/Pike Crunch

Bench Press Crunch

Standing Lunge push out-sink as low as you can into a lunge with palms facing inward push out for one rep (switch or alternate sides)

Sweeper (switch or alternate sides)


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