Saturday and Monday workouts and injuries:(

Saturday is always a “longer” run day. It is still freezing cold here in good ol’ Wyoming, so I decided to warm up in the gym. I got nice and warm running 3.5 miles and then Tonya and I hit the road. We ran 5 outside and even though I was having a hard time breathing the freezing cold air, it is still a blast to run and talk with a friend. The 5 miles flew by and I’m really getting excited for spring, hey I will even take 50 degree weather:) The total run took approximately 1 hour and 9 minutes. Not my fastest but I am the biggest wuss when it comes to the cold and wind.

My dear sweet husband has always had the worst luck with injuries. Yesterday he went in for his second knee surgery because he had 2 tears in his meniscus.  Working out is his outlet, so to have to take such a long break is hard. (And hard is an understatement) Hopefully it will be a quick recovery. At least he has the best seat in the house. Perfect for recovery!


While he was in surgery I headed over to the rec to relieve my stress and anxiety! I ran 6 miles in 45 minute didn’t get a picture because the treadmill stops after 30 minutes. Gotta love the 30 minute rule and the gym.

Good thing I have my little runners to help with dad, aren’t they cute?!:




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