Wednesday Run and No shug..

I decided to try treadmill sprints again and it was way harder than the first time I tried, here is the breakdown:

1st mile 9:30 slow…
.5 @ 9.0
.5 @ 7.0
Repeat 4 more times
Last mile was @ 8.5 (would have liked to cooled down but had to run and get my daughter from preschool and wanted to get one more mile in)
For a total of 7 miles.


For some reason it took me 3 sets of sprints to get my legs warmed up. I really enjoy doing sprints because it takes my mind of every mile and the workout goes much quicker.

Now onto no shug (sugar). I love sugar, I mean really love sugar. I have the biggest sweet tooth, and the cavities to prove it lol. But I’m almost 30, eeek, and I know I’m not going to be able to run maintain body weight. I wish I had the discipline to only have dessert once a week, but for some reason it’s all or nothing with me.

I was able to cut out sugar while training for a half last year and I cannot believe the difference it made. I felt amazing, and I could tell a big difference in my body and how toned it was becoming. So I want to try it again and see how long I can last. My main motivation is to lose the last few pounds I’ve been holding onto, and here is my reward if I can do it for at least 30 days:


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