Thursday Workout

Sweet Sixteen

Pyramid Sprints to 7!

Partner Planks Jumps (down and back the basketball court) :

When you get to starting point repeat but instead of jumping you will run in between your partners legs.

Rotating with a partner do the following drills for 1 minute each with no break:

One person will wall sit and the other person will be in plank position and with alternating arms touch partners knees. (Switch)

Partner Ab twist with ball. Pass the ball forward to partner each rep.

Partner push up with ball. Roll the ball to your partner after two push ups. Partner without ball will mirror other partners push up.

Repeat 1 time, including plank jumps.

Next repeat the following for 1 minute without breaks rotating with a partner:

Tricep dips on chair

Ab/arms/legs twist Pass a weight between hands as your knees come up

Repeat one time through

We ended with about 2 minutes of continuous bicep curls.



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